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  • you a dub

    irrelevent, annoying, irritating, ignore worthy person. “yo why wont you talk to me?” “you a dub”

  • mom text

    an incredibly illegible text sent by a suburbanite mother that just upgraded to an iphone and still texts as if she’s got a nokia the size of a postage stamp. son: hey mom mom: hi, wt r u dng? i jst gt bk frm t apple str. iphn is gr8 son: mom this is 2015, […]

  • mississippi whippet

    a mississippi whippet is when you flatulate into your partners mouth, then they blow it back into your own mouth. jay and shane gave each other mississippi whippets to cover the smell of alcohol on their breath.

  • accountanomics

    accounting in a way that supports the subject’s economic position. d-mn, i’m going to have to spend a few hours on accountanomics before i file my tax return.

  • akhona

    a short person with many girlfriends and has a long d-ck but doesn’t brag about it girl: do your friends know about ur long d-ck boy: no i am an akhona akhona is a name for the shortest person with a lot of girlfriends. he has a big d-ck but doesn’t brag about you are […]

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