someone who is very articulate with their words; good with their words; charming.
wow, he must be a wordsmoker.

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  • luthied

    going from sober to so drunk that you are incapable of taking care of yourself in a matter of minutes. the intoxication is soley from alcohol. kate disappeared with a bottle of vodka. an hour later, we found her completely luthied, glazed over and missing a shoe.

  • l*b** flakes

    the yummy breakfast cereal that comes from an yeast infection. girl: “my v-g-n- won’t stop itching and when i scratch it there’s these little l-b– flakes?” boy: “i’ll get my bowl…”

  • muppier

    a slang word that combines the words “up” and “here” (n)- a person that vacations in the conneaut lake area for the summer and are from pittsburgh. they usually run around like it’s their town and never respect the people that actually live there year around. the amount of people double in conneaut lake during […]

  • murdaka

    history- a name made up to threaten a young group of kids from a 40 year old man who claimed “murdaka” was going to find us and kill us since he is in the mafia. now turned into a phrase/joke since the guy never existed. meaning- to describe something fake, worthless, dumb, stupid, or someone […]

  • rent-a-band

    the bands that plays the music for the pop stars and recieve no credit. “wow that rent-a-band that played the background to that pop song makes it sound great!

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