a town in nottinghamshire, about 20 minutes away from sheffield. in the area of b-ssetlaw.

average, pubs, loads of kebab shops, boring town center, national trust park.

places in worksop:

manton: people people are warned not to go into manton after 7pm. (wimps) your car may be stolen, and your faced smashed in, if you upset the common mantoner.

rhodesia: a mini manton, far more old people, not as bad as manton. near a large byp-ss and chesterfield c-n-l.

gateford: a large resedential area. the new homes are for all the people with money who are looking to buy a nice house in worksop. gateford road area, small terraced houses lots of crime. people getting stabbed in jet petrol station, and windows getting shot at.

shireoaks: small community village, small school and church. mostly old folks live there, a few kids. pretty village with a slightly grotty c-n-l running through it. train station and a random park.

carlton in lindrick: drive through village. a couple of miles from the centre of worksop. mostly old folks live there, most of which don’t tend to come out of their homes.

langold: similar to carlton, includes langold lake, drunks usually go there on a friday night and push each other in.

kilton: lots of council house bungalows where old people live, b-ssetlaw hopsital there too, apart from that, nothing else.

larwood: now full of europeans, stereotypically fulled with old people, cos it is.

worksop centre: a dump, nothing’s there. a run-down doctors, and a woolworths…but now that’s gone too.


portland and valley comprehensive: where the normal (and coolest) kids go.

worksop college: expensive, and has a freakishly weird exterior…and no-one actually knows anyone that goes there.

primary schools include:

st. anne’s
st. augustines
st. john’s
st. luke’s
gateford park
new manton
ryton park
holy family

stuff to do in worksop:

visit clumber park…
nothing else

saisnbury’s and mcdonald’s are probably the most exciting things to do in worksop.

shall we stop off at the run down little chef in worksop on our journey?

no, let’s not.
a small north nottinghamshire town. the inhabitants seem to believe that travelling two miles towards ‘retford’ will result in falling off the edge of the earth.
‘dont go to worksop’. n-body does. but n-body ever leaves.
horrid town populated by pikeys and losers.
town centre unutterably horrid. teenage parents abound.
if nottinghamshire were to be given an enema, guess where the pipe would be put?

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