a plant presrcibed by hippocrates back in the day for jaundice, rheumatism, anemia, and menstrual pains. has a bitter taste. has been used for 3500 years to get rid of intestinal worms. it’s real name is absinthium which celebrates it’s more known use in absinthe. it’s also known as vermouth.
person: what makes that absinthe taste so bad?
bartender: the wormwood.
person: then why does vermouth taste so good?
bartender: vermouth doesn’t have wormwood in it, it’s a german translation of wormwood.
the name of a star in the biblical book of revelation which falls to earth and poisons the waters.
given the bitterness of the plant, wormwood was a good choice for the name of the star that poisons the waters in the book of revelation.
a limp erection…rendering itself useless to the owner.
britney: i heard josh has worm wood, is this true?

emily: yes this is very true. it is because he noob tubes.
a teacher. usually wears polka-dotted dresses, is waiting to retire, takes a lot of medication, and is a heavy smoker and drinker.

originally from calvin and hobbes.
i’m sure it’d be interesting to have a wormwood as a friend, but not as a teacher for you children, unless your child needs to be slapped upside the head every one in a while.
erectile disfunction,one who’s p-n-s will not become erect but stays limp like a worm
girl 1: omg i was makin out with this guy and he wouldn’t get hard!

gril 2: that’s what you call wormwood

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