n-body or nothing. n-body is worthless. quit telling yourself that you are. everyone/ everything has a purpose in this world. if there is something just sitting there, doing nothing. that objects purpose is to do nothing.
worthlessidk what to put in here so yeah
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magikarp is one of the most worthless pokemon. it’s only purpose is to evolve into gyrados.
a person, or people who (if you really think about it) have little or no purpose in society. such people are non-productive but do have the “job” of continuing the trend of white trash in this country.

worthless people are present in both genders.

if you encounter such people, show some pity, while remaining secure in the knowledge that you’re a lot better off – well, hopefully.
worthless people are:
macho guys, of the sit-at-home-and-watch-spike-tv-all-day variety, drive gas-guzzling pickup trucks but still can’t seem to get a job. when they finally do become employed, it often tends to be construction work, or perhaps working at safeway.

girls who don’t finish high school but instead get married to said guys and start popping out kids at 19. some will eventually get their ged and sometimes take advantage of university of phoenix (or other loser online achools).
1) adj. the absence of value.
that guy just staring at the computer screen in there is worthless.
to have little to no use. lack of worth.
ted is the most worthless piece of sh-t i have ever met. he makes me feel better about myself.
an object/person of no value in both monetary terms and usefulness in life.
matthew pickering – 21 kingswood road – manchester – worthless
any person who cannot or refuses to maintain a job even if there employer is family. also anyone who is lazy has no future and is not willing to do anything to better themselves.
j.d. and donald live for free and have no will to do anything to help themselves and sit around hoping for others misfortunes to give them pleasure while they are bored because they are “worthless”
someone/thing that has no value, sentimental or tangible. if it was gone, no one would notice.
john is worthless.

alec is worthless.

chuck norris is not worthless.

donald trump’s mom.

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