WoW (AKA the MMORPG crack)

a game that drags you into its grip and will not let you go. no matter how much you think it sucks, eats b-lls or whatever, it is lke pot and a teen. outcome is negative. i, myself no matter how boring it gets will not stop playinjg it. i advise the people who read this to not try wow. you truthfully lose grip on reality and, it gets gory from there. some people hate their parents, others bust their compys, some throw themselfs off of buildings. well, i think the news reports on youtube were covered up by blizzard entertainment. there used to be over 100 different news reports filmed on youtube, and today, i cannot find one!!! grr!!! -foams from mouth- -bashes in lcd monitor!- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! i lost 100 g!!!!!!! aaahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! -throws self off of building-

do not do it man its worse then all the drugs in the world… of warcraft…
dude! the horde just blew me up with arcane explosion! oh nnoooooooo tohse -sshats! -blows brains out with pump-action shotgun-

thanks for reading my def of wow (aka the mmorpg crack) now let me jup off of that nice 25 story building.

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