a slang way of sayin what?
go away!

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  • ricky wu

    lazy californian ricky wu never gets his but off the couch

  • fricken' h*ll

    a phrase expressing disdain, intense disapproval, or frustration with something that you can yell in front of little kids or at work when you’ve got to keep things pg. you’re driving on the freeway and already late for work when traffic suddenly stops. you: “fricken’ h-ll!”

  • rides the bus

    (v., intransitive) to be the t-ts, the sh-t, the man, the bee’s knees, etc.; to be the humanoid equivalent of an electric guitar with biceps; or to be a thing whose mere existence suggests that g-d is one cool freaking dude. object rides the bus, as in “is that t-rex with the combat boots beating […]

  • grandad erector

    a sight so s-xually stimulatin that it could raise the dead. “look at that stripper shooting ping-pong b-lls from her hairy scar, that is a grandad erector.”

  • ridiculousnessousity

    the state of being so over the top that lends itself to being absolutely ridiculous. the talent shown when she sang her solo was pure ridiculousnessousity!

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