it’s the new past tense of write. fight me..
i have wroten 6 pages for my essay

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  • testosterocious

    used to describe a person who is particularly masculine. have you seen jonah lately? he’s totally jacked, he’s very testosterocious. i swear p-b-rty made mark’s voice drop three octaves – he sounds totally testosterocious now.

  • blame google

    when blaming bill gates for all your technology problems fell out of style. a new phrase was born. one that is far more accurate. person 1: godd-mnit my microwave is busted! person 2: blame google

  • p*ssy flu

    wheb reichert is a rookie and doesn’t know what to do with a girl reichert got p-ssy flu after not pleasing his girl

  • can i get a stovepipe!

    most often screamed in a higher voice at a party or when your stoned or getting hammered. jack yelled to his buddy mike… “can i get a stovepipe!” mike replied… “stoovvveeeepippeee!”

  • hoanna

    a hoanna is a person that is being s-ssy, sometimes you just have to yell “stop being s-ssy, hoanna!” wow! joanna is being such a hoanna today.

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