derives from a combination of (subaru) wrx and (mazda) rx8 = any sportscar whose name you can’t remember, especially if it is j-panese.
bob: i can’t believe it! some j-p-cr-p rice rocket blew away my mustang last night!

mike: what was it?

bob: i don’t know j-panese! some wrx8 or something!

mike: come on. it’s not that surprising! you only have a v6 in that thing!

bob: wow! i could’ve had a v8!

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    stands for “way to be a d-ck”, and is interchangable with wtbab, which is “way to be a b-tch”. used when someone is being an arrogant -ss and you want to point it out. jordan: one of your b–bs is significantly larger than the other, ho. jessica: wow, wtbad!

  • WSOU

    the best radio station played in new jersey. plays non-mainstream music and kicks major -rs-! did ya hear about that godly radio station that doesn’t play mainstream music like the other zombie radio stations?


    “what the f-ck are we laughing at” steve: hey sup? lawrence: nm. u? steve: ssdd. lawrence: lol. steve: lol. lawrence: lol. steve: wait, wtfawla?

  • WWIB

    abbreviation for “who wore it better” or “who wears it better.” omg, becky. look at these two pics wwib?

  • wackcident

    to injure your wrist while masturbating furiously. thus creating pain and embarr-ssment. “hey man why you wearing that cast?” “oh this. well i had myself a little wackcident last night.”

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