getting owned and saying wtf in a reaction to the owning that you recived.
that hib got wtfowned!

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  • netflix effect

    when an online company takes so much business away from a storefront business that it is forced to shut down. john: hey, did you hear borders is closing? jane: yep, all of those digital book readers took all of their business away. it’s called the netflix effect. when a person watches a tv series on […]

  • wtfpwnbbq

    getting owned to the point where you’re medium-rare and basted in a tangy barbeque sauce! alex: “i just wtfpwnbbqed your paladin in world of warcraft!” ian: “so you did! d-mn jooo!” badly burned, literally or metaphorically. 1. “the cheese from that hot pocket just wtfpwnbbq’d my lip.” 2. “oh d-mn! you just got wtfpwnbbq’d!”

  • wtfsrsly

    what the f-ck seriously can also have lol added on the end if its a lolburger guy1:wtfsrsly thats disgusting, she just removed that guys eyes and shat in the sockets guy2: lolwtfsrsly im a n-gg-r

  • permaball

    when someone permanently acts like they would if they were on c-ke (cocaine) john is so permaballed

  • smep**pity

    when something smells like p–p i just took a dump and it’s smep–pity.

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