a h-m-s-xual man who is going bald.
if you dont eat your carrots simon, you’ll become a wulfy.
1. person who enjoys, and is good at, role-playing games, such as dungeons and dragons.

2. good friend and family member.

3. person who can be forgetful.

4. a person who loves films and the process of film-making. these people are interested in becoming producers and screen-writers.
“dude, did you see that character he made? it’s bad -ss!”
“i know. it’s such a wulfy-made character.”

“your brother is so awesome.”
“he’s a total wulfy.”

“where the h-ll did i put my keys/wallet/phone?”
“dude, you pulled a wulfy.”

“how do you know so much about movies?”
“i’m a wulfy.”

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