:wumpscut: is a german ebm group consisting of one rudy ratzinger. ratzinger was a bavarian ebm dj before releasing a series of tapes and then his first full-length in 1993.

ratzinger has described his music as endzeit ebm, or music for the end times (apocalypse). his newest alb-m, schadling will be released in april of 2008. the music is dark, yet catchy and danceable. primary musical influences are leaether strip and klinik.

:wumpscut: has a fanatical fan following but is frequently criticized for his extravagant boxed sets, which typically include items such as posters, flags, b-ttons, b-mper stickers, postcards, t-shirts and other merchandising.
:wumpscut: has released yet another alb-m! let me guess, this next boxed set is going to include an electric toothbrush and a tube of spermicide.

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