to wunk is when two people have s-x on an object. (bed, table, chair, etc.) upon reaching optimal velocity the noise being heard from the friction of the bodies moving the object is described as a wunk. such as a bed squeaking or chair creaking, or when a table rocks across the floor.
they were going so hard at it, that the bed began to wunk.

after sh-gging so hard on the table, they began to hear it wunking.

she told her friend of the time a male hooker forced himself on her so hard the chair wunked.
wunk -verb: the act of twitching your eye. commonly mistaken for winking, wunking is uglier and less attractive. wunking is usually twitching and/or odd movements of the eye or eye area.

ursula: “oh my god. did jervis just wink at me?”

becky: “no urs. he just wunked at you.”
the combination of “wild” and “drunk”. similar to crunk. the idea is that you get so drunk that you have literally no control over anything you do, nor do you have any memory of doing these things.
“man, last night i drank some forties, and for some reason i began to cry hysterically and decided to strip naked and spray-paint a d-ck on a cop car! what the f-ck?!”

“holy f-ck dude, you must have been wunk! how did you remember that?!”

“i never would have known if they hadn’t told me this morning at the police station!”
the past tense of w-nk.
‘i have already w-nked twice today’ would change to ‘i have wunk twice today’
an uneducated and/or poor, white briton. as opposed to chav which refers to younger members with similar qualities but chav can include any race.
that wunk grandmother has some seriously wunk (or wunky) grand kids.” “at football matches henry starts to act like a real wunk.
the feeling you get after a heavy night out
dude, i feel wunk.

sally, you done wunked!
a wunk is a wanna-be punk. a person who is normally a chave or some relation to the ‘chav family’ because you know they have connections! but tries to be punk to either ‘fit in’ or to try and find out what ‘the other side’ is like
person 1:why is he coming over here?
person 2:yeah, and why is he wearing srtiped ho-bo gloves for?
person 3:because he is a wunk.

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