x/0 = ∞

also referred to as “the infinity argument”

x/0 = ∞ is a phrase that symbolizes “the notion that everything can be linked back to everything because of everything being sourced from an infinite possibility for perspective and logic and therefore any argument can be correct, any fact can be altered and that the idea of the absolutes of right and wrong exist solely from the structures of our preconceptions” as well as its resulting philosophy.

in practice it is an elaborate philosophy often used as a tactic to deconstruct or construct the logic and arguments presented in a usually opposing idea into its chain of origins (where it came from, where that came from, etc or what comes after, what comes after that, etc) until the observation of the ultimate answer being infinite possibility and perspective.
although it can be one of the harder logics to use on an argument, once done successfully (or simply by being mentioned) it usually has a humbling effect on the discussion as a whole due to its profundity which is why it is sometimes used to stop heated discussions from escalating or make people become more open-minded.

this idea in its most basic form is that anything can be absolutely deconstructed or elevated (represented by the x/0) and once done so enters the realm of infinite possibility and perspective (represented by the = ∞), which the idea naturally considers the only true absolute and conclusion.
christian: “i simply choose to believe in the religion my family raised me with. nothing more.”

atheist: “hey nothing wrong with that. well, you know, except the fact that you’re completely wrong.”

christian: “hey, x over zero equals infinity (x/0 = ∞), am i right?”

atheist: “(sigh) whatever.”

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