an expression derived from mathematics (x2 ; x = times, 2 = two). it is used to express agreement or accordance, but to exemplify your feeling towards it are doubled. it should be used with a small x (x not x).
dude1 “man this game is teh suck!”
dude2 “x2, let’s play wow instead.”


dude1 “g-d i hate that lokus! i wish he would get booted from the guild!”
dude2 “x2”
repeat this, do this again. comes from arithmatic (quant-ty) x 2. often used in music to mean sing it again
jingle bells,
jingle bells,
jingle all the way.
oh, what fun
it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh!
(n.) x2: x-men united. the only good comic book movie of 2003, that’s worthy of being in the theaters. puts daredevil and the hulk to shame.
look out for such mutants as the beast, gambit and jubilee in the sequel to x2, x3 which is set to be released in may 2005.
a radio transmission in counter-strike, meaning:

team, fall back!

but said in normal life
x2, x2!!! wtf?
to “x” ur 2shees
i “x”ed ur momma’s 2shees

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