closing your eyes during s-x and pretending she has downs.
i f-cked this ugly as f-ck girls last night, luckily i xamered her and blew my load between her far in-between eyes

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  • on the look

    predatory male behavior. it can either be looking to get laid or looking for p-ssy to destroy. it can be malevolent or just a desire to get laid. dude was “on the look” for some new strange.

  • clobbering

    a bl-wj-b with no teeth. “elmra took her dentures out and gave me a clobbering!”

  • coach*lla bod

    a bod that is ready for coach-lla. particularly in shape and/or very tan. i’d love some ice cream, but i’m working on my coach-lla bod.

  • bathsnap

    a snapchat that you take in the bath, it is very popular to do although you could break your phone during this. “that girl trish just took a bathsnap, what a m21”

  • dirty flounder

    a fat h-rny b-st-rd with a shrimp d-ck that dumb-ss over there sure is a dirty flounder.

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