to be good with ladies
stop xandering her

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    a verb, adjective and noun; gooch goch refers to an aggregate of possessions or activities taking place, replacing verbiage for a collective similarity. has no relation to definitions gooch or cooch but is audibly similar. “susan didn’t text me back, she’s being such a gooch goch.” “this is a huge gooch goch mess!” “i am […]

  • jewbic hair

    a rare, but awesome, disorder in which a jewish person’s p-b-s are twice a poofy as their jew fro. his jewbic hair was so enormous, he needed to wear a yarmulka on his p-n-s region.

  • eatn run

    when you eat all the edibles without paying for one penny of them, and then you leave where ever you are. i can’t believe we paid all that money and he would eat’n run like that.

  • muen

    a stupid -ss with no friends a hate muen

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    when you get super f-cked up and start trying to be artistic but you fail . this making you a cuct “f-ck kaycea, you are a cuct when you drunk to much”

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