real name xanax, and is at the moment one of the most used recreational drugs and part of pop culture, especially rap. it’s often referred to in rap lyrics and gives your voice a certain sound usually combined with weed and kodein.
“if i can’t sleep, imma pop a xan
then i get some money, imma pop them bands” 2 chainz – xanny

“3 exotic broads and i got ’em soakin’ panties
told ’em they were certified, welcome to the xanny family” future – xanny family
xannies is a slang term for xanax, an anti-anxiety medication often abused by satan worshiping skateboarders.
“i slipped myself some pink xannies
and danced around the house in all-over print panties
my mom’s gone, that f-cking broad will never understand me
i’m not gay, i just wanna boogie to some marvin”

-tyler the creator (yonkers)

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