xanax party gang gang
i’m at a xanzity

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  • pubsband

    a male drinking bubby. both are p-ss heads and married to the same pub my pubsband and i have been on the rip all day.

  • tennessee dill pickle

    when you are eating a dill pickle and you are with a woman and you say , “shut up, woman! i’m eating a pickle.” (with option b-tch slap.) mary, i’m going to tennessee dill pickle you right now! (b-tch slap… ’cause mary is a b-tch and he is eating a pickle.)

  • light grey shirt

    it’s a shirt of nice shade of grey, preferred to be worn during summer months i bought myself a light grey shirt, i look good in it

  • jordan junior

    a asian boy that likes chicken, and likes transformers. “wow, jordan junior sure likes chicken.”

  • moenkyi

    is a kind,smart girl who will rock your world if you let her. she is one of a kind and will never find anyone like her.she is very protective about her friends and family. shs is very tall and sporty. she is kind at times and is amazing at math. “wow look at moenkyi go” […]

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