a very cute person
hey look that kid looks like an xaver(cute).

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  • chili pot pie

    to spray chili into a girls v-g-n-. i took my girl out for mexican food last night and gave her a s-xy dessert of chili pot pie when we got home.

  • n*gg*r mcblackman

    very black dark man much like a makai or martin jerry is so white but on the inside he is just a n-gg-r mcblackman.

  • sarah and judy

    very hot and talented girls. s-xy. thick. they get lots of d-ck in the nighttime. every guy wants them but they use them for c-ck and leave them. they aren’t hoes. guy 1: d-mnn… those girls got a fat-ss. who are they? guy 2: sarah and judy. they used me last week for d-ck, and […]

  • jkjk bah bruh you gucci dw

    yikes…. jkjk bah bruh you gucci dw is a cringy thing to say

  • potegi

    a bad name for a kid who names a kid to potegi

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