the act of reading leaving someone on read in text and not replying
stop xaviering and answer!

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  • foolfiders

    – a group of people (usually in high school) who thinks they’re cool/higher than the rest because they have fame, money, drugs and s-x. they always keep up on trends to impress other people. – other term for “cool kids” but they’re not really too cool for school. those foolfiders are a disgrace to our […]

  • hoethotical b*mp

    a b-mp you get when you f-ck a hoe thats mixed with a thot ” d-mn that n-gg- craig got a hoethotical b-mp from keyshia , you know she for everybody “

  • schmooshgallonz

    when a young couple is making-out sloppily in a public place. ralph and loree like to schmooshgallonz in the kitchen when we’re toasting our bagels.

  • w*nk in the can

    jacking off in a bathroom or porta potty i almost got caught doing w-nk in the can at the gas station.

  • lengthy

    pretentious and non-colloquial way of saying “long.” “dude i’m so glad we’re finally watching the new guardians of the galaxy movie!” “hmm..are you sure this will be finished by nine pm? it’s a school night and this seems to be quite a lengthy film.” “shut up”

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