the act of writing a horrible essay on literature cl-ssics, then turning in the essays and receiving absurdly high scores. oftentimes done when writing for another person to turn in as a sort of prank
regular version
1984 is a work of art that reflects perfectly the timeless eternal struggle between man and government. the protagonist is every-man winston smith who is mistreated by the very government he works for, however his humanity returns to him when he finally gets one meaningful relationship, his girlfriend. this happiness could never last as he and his soulmate are taken to room 101( a torture chamber) and tortured until they are mentally broken. by the end, every last bit of humanity has been sucked away


xavified version
1984 is book a good that is been by winston sith who is bad treat by governemt but then find wo-man; who is loving him and then he does the love of her and then theis is good but then they stolen are room 101 then rats then they no know love

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