person with nice shoes
what are those xavion

better than those

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  • business shoulder

    sore shoulder from performing many hand shakes i’ve been so busy networking this week i’ve got business shoulder from all the handshakes

  • wit woo

    the art of wooing a woman with your wit. “when dating, women always say that a sense of humor is important in a man. if that’s true, then you need to wit-woo” a wolf whistle but done with words. wit-woo! look at you! baby, you should be on www.wit-woo.com

  • itichi

    phrase meaning i thought i could handle it. just got back from the urban dictionary website. no luck getting listed there, i mean itichi.

  • daretaker

    a person who has the courage to accept any challenge that comes their way want to go skydiving with me? nah, but you should ask bill. he’s a real daretaker.

  • playing b*tch

    a term in overwatch to describe playing as the only healer on your team because no one on your team has b-lls to switch to a healer bartholomew: everybody chose a dps and a tank ben: damm now you got start playing b-tch and choose lucio

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