it’s a sign that you are a dank mlg trickshotter m8
xdddd i just hit a 1080 noscope quickscope quickdraw tickle wickle backflip, i am in faze m8 get r3kt

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  • the under cuck suprise

    similar to the under cuck but with a creamy ending. i was doing the under cuck with my wife when suddenly the man sp-nked into my wife! guess i ordered the under cuck suprise !

  • sheriff's star

    another term for one’s -sshole getting ready to give adam a good long rimjob, steven quickly discovered adam’s sheriff’s star was still dirty from his last dump. steve then told adam to take a hot shower and scrub hard

  • c*ntrake

    a comb used to groom unruly and large amounts of p-b-s on a woman. these combs are usually the metal type used on pets ahhh h-ll no! don’t look at that woman in the spandex! she needs a c-ntrake. her bush is sticking out so far in those pants!

  • pimpfluenza

    the bad effects of living in a society where many people are pimping to attain wealth, always wanting new and expensive things and not having to work too hard. the unhealthy and unwelcome psychological and social effects of pimpfluenza is regarded as a widespread societal problem. since 2006, human trafficking has become an epidemic. thanks […]

  • nasty look

    a insulting look sent by harsh people i wanna insult that weirdo by giving a nasty look

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