a vapid individual.
oh my god… she is so xenodike!

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  • soggy apples

    when you are having s-x and the girls c-m drips down the boys b-lls making them nice and wet. john: “omg, last night jennifer gave me soggy apples! it was amazinggggg!” #s-x soggy apples boy girl p-n-s v-g-n- c-m wet

  • deadleg sh*t shuffle

    the act of quickly making one’s way to the toilet with one or both legs completely locked at all joints in an effort to compress the r-ct-m/-n-s, and avoid dropping a mondo sh-t in one’s pants (see chocolate shotgun, shart, or sh-tney spears). most frequently occurs within 15 mins of eating a hot pocket, or […]

  • louandra

    a smart, energetic, and loving person. great at music and sports. s-ssy att-tude and lots of humor. has a warrior/military type personality louandra is great at marching band

  • matthew barreto

    a complete and total dumb-ss, this person is quite literally one of the most stupid and idiotic people that you will meet in your life. wow man, that matthew barreto… such a dumb-ss.

  • yhta

    when you writing ‘that’ on a touchscreen keyboard and you make a mistake and can’t be bothered to fix it. what?! i cannot believe you said yhta!

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