when your face is covered in j-zz
he gave me a xenoverse last night

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  • please f*ck

    literally what it says please f-ck “please f-ck me dan” phil screamed when you are super h-rny and desperate and you can’t f-cking english. izzy: please f-ck hayley: the f-ck no, why? izzy: please…f-ck?

  • face bath

    when u sit on your man face and he gives you oral s-x i gave him a face bath

  • smoking a f*g

    british term for smoking a cigarette “ay cuz, you f-ckin taking the p-ss?” “nah, just smoking a f-g. want one?”

  • visvesh

    guy who has no money and has a girlfriend from india. he always fries 10 dollars. hi i am visvesh i have a accent of a dying duck . huuuuuuhhhhhh !

  • lawnmowering

    putting a full string of -n-l beads in the -ss and yanking them out as hard as possible jeffery was lawnmowering his wife and she made race car sounds

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