it’s been xera-years since we last met.

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  • ejemen

    ugly guy who this he is all that but he really isn’t ejemen sucks a lot at football

  • sepsy

    type of fancy and careless together. he: you look sepsy like always ann.

  • dried mayo strings

    when u c-m in a girls hair and she lets it dry then she eats the dried c-m off the hair i thought haley died her hair but it turns out it was just dried mayo strings

  • cuddles and commitment

    it when you reach that stage of your relationship when your bored so you just cuddle without s-x. which still usually ends up with someone h-rny boy: hey you go to my place tonight girl: sorry i don’t feel like having s-x boy: no s-x, just cuddles and commitment

  • sinnophobic

    someone who is afraid to have s-x or be in a relationship of any sort h-ll no i am a sinnophobic and i and not going on a date with you

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