as in slippery, the cs clan
sx -entropy

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  • Xerostomia

    the inability to comprehend sentences that are written without regard to capitalization, punctuation, or the english language in general. i have no idea what he’s babbling about, my xerostomia must be acting up again.

  • Xero The Beast

    a vile fiend that was forged from the hateocity( i think thats a word…) of all the haters in the world. it was created back in the early years of the oakland raiders football carrer from the hate that the fans emmited. since that day, the beast has gotten stronger. feeding on the hate that […]

  • XeroVashMS

    adj- a slow witted h-rny biped who’s life is split into 3 minute intervals where hes constantly trying to cyber a different person.

  • xerox date

    when co-workers hook up at the copy machine. did you see bill and sarah coming out of the copy room together? yeah, they were totally on a xerox date.

  • Xeroxed

    past tense of the word “xerox”, which is commonly used as a synonym for “photocopy” (both as a noun and a verb) i.e. to make a copy with a xerox photocopy machine. xerox was founded in 1906 as the haloid company, changed their name in 1958 to xerox and came to prominence in 1959 with […]

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