the girl who will abuse you mentally and physically. she most often is found in albania on route 3
dude: hey dude im sorry that girl told you your dumb, what was her name?
dude 2: xhesjana

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  • f*cksac

    a used condom. check out that f-cksac on the ground! someone had fun last night.

  • mental *j*c*l*t**n of joy

    when your mind and body becomes so overwhelmed with such ecstatic joy while delivering the father of the groom speech that you yell out at the end “i’m having a mental -j-c-l-t–n of joy” and then drop the mic. aka poe. this wedding makes me so happy it’s a mental -j-c-l-t–n of joy

  • wdyfmb

    what do you f-cking mean b-tch justin: wdyfmb that u never want to see me again jessica: you let your friend rape me so what i mean i don’t want anything with u or your friend

  • friday night c*cktail

    when a girls sucks your d-ck while you’re taking a sh-t then she pukes on your b-lls and you c-m and she has to drink it i could really use a friday night c-cktail

  • deflext

    when a person replies to a text message by changing the subject often to dodge a question or cause you to doubt yourself (can be used as noun or verb) girlfriend: “what took you so long to respond?” deflext boyfriend: “baby i’m like a box of chocolates in the forrest gump kind of way”

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