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can you define it?

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  • asztard

    born as an outcome of an -n-l s-xual intercourse. combination of b-st-rd & -ss. i knew this guy was an asztard.

  • hunter's d*ck

    a giant big -ss c-ck that is usually white. veiny, but soft. it’s very pleasing. ohhh i wish my boyfriend had a hunter’s d-ck

  • on-bed-off-bed

    when a male or female engage in intercourse and one is on the bed and one is off the bed. usually the male is having s-x with a female that is laying on the bed whilst he us standing on the floor or ground surface. me and vanessa are having a lot of on-bed-off-bed s-x, […]

  • hard b*ss

    a genre of dance and music which was popularized in russia and involves large amounts of people, usually in adidas tracksuits and leather vests dancing in public areas in an aggressive stomping fashion. i saw some gopniks doing hard b-ss in the center of moscow!

  • slonch

    a josh keletle hey slonch get the f-ck over here

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