a river in s china, flowing e from yunnan province to the south china sea near canton. 1250 miles (2012 km) long.

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  • xi-an

    a city in and the capital of shaanxi province, in central china: capital of the ancient chinese empire. noun an industrial city in central china, capital of shaanxi province: capital of china for 970 years at various times between the 3rd century bc and the 10th century ad; seat of the northwestern university (1937); famous […]

  • xi-particle

    any of a family of baryons having strangeness −2 and isotopic spin ½. symbol: ξ.

  • xi-c-baryon

    xi-c baryon xi-c baryon either of two subatomic particles in the baryon family, one neutral and one positively charged, with m-sses of 4,826 and 4,834 times that of an electron and average lifetimes of 3.5 × 10-13 and 9.8 × 10-14 seconds, respectively. see table at subatomic particle.

  • xia-gui

    noun ?1180–1230, chinese landscape painter of the sung dynasty; noted for his misty mountain landscapes in ink monochrome

  • xiang-jiang

    a river in s china, flowing n to lake dongting. 715 miles (1150 km) long.

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