a four-sided d-ld- in the shape of an ‘x’
grab the xildo!

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  • czeska

    she’s the most beautiful girl i’ve ever loved. its extremely difficult to find a girl as hot and s-xy with so much beauty like her. man i wish i had a girl like czeska…. vince’s girl.

  • gunson

    a term used to describe when a call of duty player completely destroys an enemy with flawless shots d-mn boy you clutched up and gave him that hot gunson

  • fartpath

    the trail of odor left by someone who has just farted oh my god i just walked through bobs fartpath, gross.

  • tinor

    a combination of whiteness wow those to are tinor!

  • twinblast

    when you “accidentally” shove two fingers up a females -n-s “i twinblasted two females last night,”

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