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the sailor’s word-book william henry smyth
tales of fishes zane grey
fict-tious & symbolic creatures in art john vinycomb

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  • xiphisternal

    the lowermost of the three segments of the sternum. compare gladiolus (def 2), manubrium (def 2a). historical examples the vertebrate skeleton sidney h. reynolds noun (pl) -na (-nə) (anatomy, zoology) the cartilaginous process forming the lowermost part of the breastbone (sternum) also called xiphoid, xiphoid process xiph’i·ster’nal adj.

  • xiphoid-cartilage

    xiphoid cartilage historical examples a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. ii various the cambridge natural history, vol x., mammalia frank evers beddard curiosities of medical experience j. g. (john gideon) millingen

  • xiphoid-process

    xiphoid process

  • xiphoiditis


  • xiphosuran

    belonging or pertaining to the order xiphosura, comprising the horseshoe crabs. an arthropod of the order xiphosura; a horseshoe crab. noun any chelicerate arthropod of the subcl-ss xiphosura, including the horseshoe crabs and many extinct forms adjective of, relating to, or belonging to the subcl-ss xiphosura

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