xirl is when you are tumblr as f-ck and you think there are more then 2 genders.
dude, my gender is xirl
there are 2 genders f-ggot.

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  • flowering my nuts

    relaxing, not doing anything, or applying corn starch to the groin area. ” what are you doing now dog?” “sitting here, flowering my nuts”

  • mandatary

    being ‘asked’ to volunteer, but it is actually mandatory. being ‘asked’ is just a pleasantry. (see also: volun-told) “they’re asking us to volunteer for the event at work tomorrow.” “man, forget that sh-t.” “i forgot to mention, it’s mandatary.”

  • weath

    dried up c-m my sock is full of weath.

  • kevin's disease

    the complete loss of memory caused by a sudden trauma that was, itself, also forgotten. “dude! homeboys got changnesia! he’s mumbling around like he has kevin’s disease.”

  • davetard

    when your friend david is acts stupid so often you have to make up a new word to level with him. kevin: omfg david is late again danniel: ikr david can be such a davetard sometimes kevin: tru bro

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