too excited to manage going through excitement.
are you xitd 2 come back?

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  • codiekay

    a mute, a creep, a bordeline pedo. someone who likes to hurt animals, fight homeless people and have long stints without s-x. mateeeee…check out that creep over there! such a codiekay (ck)

  • ran out of life

    1.to be tired , give up. 2.when something is too funnydead i ran out of life last night carma you made me run out of life with that joke.

  • excite

    excite: the level of excitement ranked below excited . or: you are either to lazy to type out excited or just wanted to sound stupid. ex: person a: hey i can come over tomorrow person b: good, i am excite.

  • oak prairie

    a lame school that involves annoying people trying to date people from homer junior high because they can’t get anyone from their school. and the boys only care about -ss and the girls are b-tches. wow she seems like she goes to oak prairie… she’s rude. this is a school that has janitor run at […]

  • phlegmnoyance

    phlegm + annoyance = phlegmnoyance – annoyed of the noise, of a smokers (wet cough) when someone hears some smoker cough, example – “i really hate that smokers cough, that noise it is like they are coughing snot out!” phlegmnoyance}

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