xkit guy

the “xkit guy” (his real name is atesh) is a programmer who made a popular browser extension for tumblr called xkit.

xkit alters when you have mail and it lets you do one click reblog, reblog yourself, and tag asks from your inbox and block certain posts, etc. xkit added a ton of functionality to the site and users love it!

sadly the xkit guy hasn’t been active since april 2015. someone sent a message to the abusers and predators on tumblr page about something that he allegedly said to them, but they had no proof. the abusers and predators blog then made a post asking people who may have been har-ssed by atesh to come forward but no one did. and because this website is full of self righteous -ssh-l-s who always jump to conclusions without waiting for actual legit proof or even take the g-dd-mn time to read everything carefully, they decided to go ahead and send atesh a ton of abusive and cruel hate mail even on his personal blogs.

the abusers and predators blog has posted this post explaining that they were not accusing him and that they were only asking for people to come forward if they had similar experiences.

apparently, because of the enormous amount of abuse he was getting, atesh decided to leave tumblr

he has not deactivated his blogs yet…
one of his personal blogs: xenix. tumblr. com/
and this is the other: xenix2. tumblr. com/
person 1: “hey, did you see the new extension on xkit that the xkit guy made for tumblr?”
person 2: “yeah,the xkit guy is awesome!”

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