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  • bootist

    when someone is racist towards booties and/or the belief of the booty. “ew look at his b-tt, it’s so flat.” “don’t be a bootist!” via giphy 0 0

  • ragsack

    to take ones genitals, rag it across the floor, causing an increase in m-ss of the genitals, due to swelling. then, slapping the new “ragsack” across someones face. i like to wait for a committed relationship before i ragsack a person. 0 0

  • tippy *ss

    sitting up high in your car seat or a chair to avoid sunlight, etc. i was blinded by the sun, but i sat on my tippy -ss, and everything was cool. 0 0

  • semi-flirt

    whenever one person flirts and the other person doesn’t realise/notice. andrea was semi-flirting with phil 0 0 when one person is flirting and the other person doesn’t realise\notice. “andrea semi-flirted with phil” 0 0

  • shakoda

    a complete jerkoff that has nothing to do in his life except being a total douchebag. “everyone i know who is called shakoda is a m-ssive tool!” “i wouldn’t want to become a ‘shakoda’, since they are so mind numbingly r-t-rded they can’t even do the simplest things in life.” 0 0

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