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  • yolo squad

    s-xy mother-f-ckers with a brilliant sense of humor! #unbanscouser the yolo squad are so s-xy, i want them all night long.

  • rip the p*ss

    when someone gets their words mixed up and says “rip the p-ss” instead of “rip the sh-t” or “take the p-ss”. 1:dont rip the p-ss out of me all the time! 2: do you mean ripping the sh-t? 3: or taking the p-ss? 1: shut up. to rip the p-ss is to point fun at […]

  • achton

    achton is a person who ressembles a f-ckboi alot, except being achton is not necessarily a bad thing, you can be achton, while maintaining swag and style. girl 1: have you seen the new guy? girl 2: yeah, he’s so hot, he is probably achton tho. girl 1: you should tap that.

  • amazonian slamjob

    1. when a girl violently beats your d-ck until you cry 2. a violent handjob “yo bro i got an amazonian slamjob last night.” “d-mn bruh that sucks.”

  • apology snapchat

    an act in which your boy/girl sends a snaps-xt for a full 10 seconds as an apology. example: bob: dude did your girl apologize yet? jerry: dude she did more than that she sent me an apology snapchat! bob: woah! what a babe!!

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