coming with a lot of excitement
p1: dinner is ready!!!!
p2: i’m xomming

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  • wordb*m

    someone who steals a word created by others. a wordb-m is someone who takes credit for a word already created and makes it their own

  • mabroor

    a good friend look at the mabroor

  • s*ss nap

    after you’ve taken a nap and you’re more s-ssy and more pr-ne to b-tchness than you were before the nap. becky: ashley turn down your sh-tty music!!! if everyone wanted to listen we would have asked!! ashley: omg becky, wtf with the s-ss nap!

  • wartc*ck

    a dude who has a single or multiple wart(s) on his genitals. did you hear about rob hooking up with that chick? she said he’s got a wartc-ck.

  • rereverting

    from the latin rere meaning “rear” or “-rs-“, and latin “vert” meaning “turn”; a collective term for twerking, clapping and booty dropping dat rereverting doe

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