alien queef
“the worst part of my abduction was when the greasy extraterrestrial forced herself on me and let out moist xoolf, i much preferred the -n-l probing instead.”

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  • old friend

    term used when greeting a friend you haven’t spoken to or seen in quite awhile. how’s it going, old friend? we haven’t spoke in a minute.

  • melissafied

    by being roasted by your teacher name melissa ohhhhhh you were just melissafied

  • talique

    a real ladies man so don’t get to close ladies.or he could be a scholar if he wanted too who knows.buts it’s a known fact that no matter who he’s with they are gonna end up smiling bruh ,talique youre funny asf lmao

  • piming

    to sniff the seat or area of where a female has been sat to receive the v-g-n-l aroma left behind. best results from bicycle seats as v-g-n-l contact is in concentrated area. be careful not to mistake -n-s aroma with v-g-n-l aroma. piming can be accelerated by adding boiling water to “affected” area to release […]

  • sturking

    when you lick out a girl’s tw-t and before she -rg-sms her legs start twitching , jerking around. i was licking out lisa’s tw-t last night and i got her sturking like crazy.

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