a f-ggot, also a term for a ginger
wow becky is such a xoreus!

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  • secretary f4c3m4n_actual

    a dumb-ss c-nt with the iq of a pineapple, that can’t even walk on two feet without sucking someones d-ck. he’s so hated that even his f-cking dad left him after his mom gave birth of the kid without any ears cause he gets what he wants. this is comparable to a f-cking c-ckroach, nothing […]

  • exit ortion

    the retailers practice of trying to extract donations, often for unknown charities, from customers at the checkout – “would you like to make a contribution to …. today?”. the cashier tried asked for an exit-ortion donation at the checkout.

  • deliguori

    it means squid in j-ppanesse, turkey, florida, and new jersey wow i had a 50 foot deliguori in the ocean touching me wow ok bro

  • eel in my crab trap

    a state of moderate excitement followed by a sense of disappointment followed by excitement. did you hear the new patrick ball song? it put a eel in my crab trap .

  • frosh fight

    a dumb-ss way to say that a group of freshman in high school or college get into a fight and woop beat the sh-t out of each other. the frosh fight started by the annoying freshman boy called a fight but the result of the ended up with the other freshman boy kicking his -ss

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