a whiny little cry baby with a small p-n-s.
“stop being such a xriah, i barely hit you!”

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  • diabrimstache

    when you’re so close to having diabetes that you can feel the tickle of wilford brimley’s mustache. no, i do not want a cookie! i already have some diabrimstache going on over here.

  • rabbfly

    an amazingly awesome, or fly, rabbi hey, i got to know jeff from the church, and he is rabbfly!

  • mama licker

    someone so lame and out of touch with society. usually living within the quarters of their mother’s house and is usually uncomfortably close to their mother. usually a 40 year old virgin. jeff: “look at timothy sitting there playing roleplay games…” chris: “what a mama licker!”

  • ho salad

    a group of a variety of hoes -looking at group of hoes- what a ho salad

  • fisteria

    when hysteria takes over and you just start fisting people oh no! it’s an outbreak of fisteria!

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