x-ray therapy

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    xscheme language scheme in c with object-oriented extensions by david betz. version 0.28 runs on ibm pc, macintosh, atari and amiga. (ftp://labrea.stanford.edu/comp.sources.amiga/volume90). (ftp://nexus.yorku.ca/pub/scheme/). usenet newsgroup: news:comp.lang.lisp.x. (1992-02-02)

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    xsb logic programming xsb extends the standard functionality of prolog (being a descendant of psb- and sb-prolog) to include implementations of oldt (tabling) and hilog terms. oldt resolution is extremely useful for recursive query computation, allowing programs to terminate correctly in many cases where prolog does not. hilog supports a type of higher-order programming in […]

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    xtp xanthosine 5c-triphosphate

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