a f-g who has a 14 year old son and has a huge beard and has a chode growing off of his face
xspartank15x is a c-nt

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    male/female nordic name. very harsh insult, means autistic, fat, ugly. avoid at all costs. has a higher chance than anyone to become a wizard. never lucky. suacidal. -kids fighting- ” you’re g-y! ” -gasps from the croud- ” you’re a helvis. ” -crowd goes wild- -on top of the highest bridge in town- “who’s that?” […]

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    someone who gets proved wrong or humiliated witch they will have a stupid look on they’re face. oooh mom brittany stole chips out the cabinet in the kitchen mom: you better put my sh-t back look at brittany looking stuck.

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    word shouted after an alien invasive. glad that’s over. dellquan

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