hsüan t’ung.

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  • xuan-zang

    noun 602–664 ad, chinese buddhist monk, who travelled to india to study the buddhist scriptures, many of which he translated into chinese: noted also for his account of his travels

  • xuan-zong

    hsüan tsung.

  • xpercase

    xpercase a structure diagram editor for developing, re-engineering, maintaining and doc-menting programs, developed by siemens ag, austria. it runs under microsoft windows. (ftp://src.doc.ic.ac.uk/computing/systems/ibmpc/simtel/windows3/xperspx1.zip). e-mail: . (1994-12-01)

  • xun-zi

    noun original name hsun kuang. c. 300 bc–c. 230 bc, chinese philosopher, who systematized confucian teaching

  • xuthus

    noun (greek myth) a son of h-llen, regarded as an ancestor of the ionian greeks through his son ion historical examples the story of the greeks h. a. guerber a manual of ancient history a. h. l. (arnold hermann ludwig) heeren myths and legends of ancient greece and rome e.m. berens studies on homer and […]

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