ex warrants

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  • xwip

    xwip x window interface for prolog. a package for prologs following the quintus foreign function interface (e.g. sicstus prolog). xwip provides a (low-level) xlib-style interface to x. the current version was developed and tested on sicstus 0.7 and mit x11 r5 under sunos 4.1.1. it should be adaptable to many other unix configurations. version 0.6. […]

  • xxgdb

    xxgdb an x11 front end for gdb by pierre willard pierre@la.tce.com. version 1.06. posted to comp.sources.x volumes 11, 12, 13, 14, & 16. (1992-02-22)

  • xy-recorder

    an instrument that draws a graph of the relationship between two experimental variables.

  • xy-pic

    xy-pic graphics, publication a package for typesetting graphs and diagrams using tex. it is structured as several modules, each defining a custom notation for a particular kind of graphical object or structure. example objects are arrows, curves, and frames. these can be organised in matrix, directed graph, path, polygon, knot, and 2-cell structure. xy-pic works […]

  • xylan

    the pentosan occurring in woody tissue that hydrolyzes to xylose: used as a source of furfural. historical examples the chemistry of plant life roscoe wilfred thatcher noun (biochem) a yellow polysaccharide consisting of xylose units: occurs in straw husks and other woody tissue

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