kiss kiss
“bye bye”
an expression used in chat and message boards to mean you are exasperated with someone.
john: i am 1337!
jake: x.x
kiss kiss
good night ‘xx’
the downgraded form of “xxx” (s-x) and the upgraded version of “x” (b-n-r).

xx is used to signify a place of masturbation, either in circles or in private sessions.
1: hey, that sign says “xx”! wanna go there tonight?
2: yeah, i’ll bring a few friends along.

1: sweet! we’re gonna have a wild time.
something every girl says. if she says it to you, you’re not special, she doesn’t fancy you, shut up.
tom : hiiiiiiiii :d:d hi
mel: hi do i know u…
tom: how are u !
mel: im ok soz g2g bye xx
(mel signs out, or blocks tom)
tom (to other friend) hiiii man mel just said “xx” to me!
friend: and?
tom: she likes me
friend: no she doesnt shut youre mouth.
beer,and alcohol, such as the brand xx (dos equis), means 2 x’s in spanish.
“xx” is short for “courtland” a gospel rap artist from louisiana.
xx is a minister of the gospel of christ jesus the lord.
x = christ
x = everlasting
also: in mathematics the variable “x” is an unknown number
(who knows how many people/nations truly inhabit the body of christ)… jus’ something to wonder about.
in my own words:”x” also relates to me as giving g-d all the glory and never seeking credit for anything he has done.
g-d bless

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