the great one
don’t mess with xylar

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  • triar

    this is a term to signify someone who blindly supports donald trump and the lies he puts forth into the universe despite the fact that they know what they are stating is not true. a trump liar. gabe: come on! you know that is complete balderdash! you only say it ’cause trump says it! byron: […]

  • shiranda

    trailer park trash, usually constracts std’s and lives in filth. d-mn look how dirty that girl is, she must be a shiranda.

  • wopedoo

    scooby doo’s long lost sister. “hey wopedoo, where are you?”

  • cesar martinez jr

    a midget that eats rolandos cabreras -ss f-ck that cesar martinez jr. c-nt

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    girls who always hang out at bars/clubs in koreatown (k-town) because they’re obsessed with korean dudes (mainly non-korean asians in love with k-pop). they hang out at the same asian bars/clubs and hook up with korean bartenders or promoters and their friends. k-town groupies can easily be spotted as they always get free shots from […]

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