a large xylophone with an extended range of five octaves

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  • xylose

    a colorless, crystalline pentose sugar, c 5 h 10 o 5 , derived from xylan, straw, corncobs, etc., by treating with heated dilute sulfuric acid, and dehydrating to furfural if stronger acid is used. historical examples the chemistry of plant life roscoe wilfred thatcher researches on cellulose c. f. cross creative chemistry edwin e. slosson […]

  • xylostroma

    the felted, blackish stroma of some species of wood-destroying fungi.

  • xylotomy

    the preparation of transverse, tangential, or radial sections of wood for examination under a microscope. noun the preparation of sections of wood for examination by microscope

  • xylotomous

    boring into or cutting wood, as certain insects. adjective (of certain insects, insect larvae, etc) cutting or boring into wood

  • xylulose


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