xzaybion is funny outgoing mean loving and caring she doesn’t like fake people or people who always got a lot to say about somebody but can’t fight she has a small circle of friends she is very short xzaybion likes to fight she has two tattoos she got her first one when she 12 she doesn’t hate anyone don’t cross her or she snaps tf out even doe she like to fight she be tryna chill but if a person raise there voice at her the wrong way or post sum on social media or look at her for a long time she don’t care who u are where she at she ready to fight her longest relationship was two or three months her fav color purple red xzaybion is loud !!!!!! but find ure self an xzaybion cuz she is funny will always be there for u even if she doesn’t want to she will love u tell the end and yea she just lit
xzaybion u da realist on my team i ain’t neva have anyone stick by me like they said they was

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